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Our clients, both business and individual, vary in industry and size, but all are accustomed to the best possible professional services available.

Accounting Services

At Wolff & Taylor, our accounting services steer you closer to your financial goals through strategic tax planning, consulting, investments, and our continuous support.

Auditing Services

Audits offer the highest level of assurance to third parties and include in-depth examination and confirmation of account balances, inventories, and selected transactions.

Individual Tax

Our expertise, experience, and thorough research allow us to optimize financial opportunities to be found in existing, as well as recently altered, tax laws.

Business Tax

Wolff & Taylor strives to become not just your financial advisor, but also your trusted business consultant. We work to foster a relationship where you can discuss all your business strategies, and long-term goals.

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Deducting business meal expenses under today’s tax rules

You probably spend a bundle “wining and dining” customers, vendors and employees. Under current tax law, entertainment expenses are no […]

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The EIN application

The IRS is revising the Employer Identification Number (EIN) process. Anyone filing a tax return or other documents with the […]

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Are you over paid?

There’s a difference between the size of your refund and how much tax you owe. If your refund is lower […]

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